How to Fill Up Consistently Vacant Rooms with a Hotel PMS


TripAdvisor, the world’s leading trips website, is a traveler’s main go-to tool for preparing the ideal vacation. From observations on hotels and resorts, dining places and points of interest, TripAdvisor features numerous locations around the world. In addition, the website functions as a great resource for hospitality professionals.

In their Top twelve suggestions for Special Offer Prosperity post, TripAdvisor offers hoteliers with guidance the way to utilize special deals to drive their business onwards. Improving upon their suggestions, now we have presented best practices for hoteliers operating innRoad to boost bookings by incentivizing visitors with special deals. By leveraging innRoad’s Reservation Engine and GDS, a pair of essential tools in our property management system, property owners and managers may broadly market special deals that may greatly increase bookings, push bigger top-line sales and lead to more powerful bottom-line income growth.

Market less-frequently booked hotel rooms

Certain properties possess certain hotel rooms which do not sell out regularly or are less regularly wanted as others on-property. Hotel rooms situated close to a busy street, an elevator shaft or house cleaning storage room may be deemed as unwanted by hotel guests and sits empty, should proprietors not make a concerted attempt to fill them. Without an occupancy expansion system, empty rooms can consistently lead to lost chances to get highly-desired sales.

As main tools in our PMS, our Reservation Engine and GDS are software tools tailored to assist hoteliers to increase occupancy. By means of each medium, innRoad enables hoteliers to exhibit special deals and prices, like offers for less attractive rooms. By plainly declaring the basis for discounting selected hotel rooms, hoteliers may entice value-minded visitors that will happily accept a less sought after hotel room in return for financial benefits. By truthfully marketing this inventory and plainly corresponding with their visitors, proprietors will turn unpopular rooms into consistent income and get earnings that could have normally gone to the competition.

Focus on certain visitor segments

Every visitor has specifications they depend on whenever reserving a hotel room. For the business traveler, properties that offer free Wi-Fi which allows them to check email and stay efficient when out of the office are invariably appealing accommodation features. Budget-conscious vacation guests, particularly families, appreciate receiving high-quality value in return for their money, therefore properties that include free breakfast and kid-friendly activities are top prospects for their bookings. Every property possesses a unique customer base that operates their hotel, as a result proprietors can increase reservation prospects by promoting directly to these types of guests.

Much like marketing special deals for less attractive hotel rooms, hoteliers may use the tools in innRoad’s hotel PMS to market traveler-specific offers. In focusing on guests, a reduction in price is not necessarily needed. Often simply showcasing offered amenities and services that appeal to their requirements is all that is required to get their business. Via innRoad’s Reservation Engine, deals may be marketed and reserved directly from hotel sites and with GDS connectivity, guests can learn and receive offers via widely used internet travel agents, such as Expedia, Travelocity, and TripConnect from TripAdvisor. Furthermore, innRoad’s Mobile Reservation Engine, a premium component option of our PMS, allows guests reserve property offers effortlessly on their mobile phones.

Distancing your property from the competition is difficult, however, the superior tools in innRoad’s PMS offer proprietors with the resources to market occupancy-driving rewards to guests around the world. We ask hoteliers to look at innRoad with a 14-day free trial of our cloud-based property management system. Register today and take the first step toward optimizing your hotel for maximum occupancy and profitability.